Will my personal data be secure?

Ascent uses enterprise level security mechanisms as well as the best industry practices in order to keep your data safe! Head on to our ‘About’ page to learn more.


How can I withdraw from this programme?

Do inform the core team of your school’s platform about your intentions to withdraw. If you are a Tutor and have a Tutee under you, at least one week’s worth of notice is required so that a suitable replacement for your Tutee can be found.


Can I be attached to tutors/tutees from other schools?

At the present, not yet! But rest assured that in a few months time, we will be introducing additional programming functionalities and security protocols which will make inter-school collaboration and learning safe, productive and possible!


Is this platform solely for Junior Colleges?

At the moment, our services only cover the Junior Colleges in Singapore. Once we have refined our systems to our satisfaction, we will endeavour our best to equalise opportunity in as many other educational institutions as possible. Until then, do bear with us!


When will I be notified if I can begin?

Once you’ve filled in the signup form, our proprietary matching engine will conduct the appropriate pairings and send you an email the moment a pair has been found for you! This process can take anytime from an hour to a week as our ability to provide you with a match is contingent on the levels of demand and supply at any given time. As with any service, there will always be imperfect market interactions, so do bear with us if you do not receive an email straight away. We thank you for your understanding!


How will the tutoring sessions be conducted?

That is totally up to whatever medium you and your match are comfortable with using; be it Zoom, Google Meet or even just a WhatsApp message, we encourage you to go for a style of learning that best optimizes your educational experience. If both of you are from the same schools and are adhering to Safe Management Measures, you can even meet up physically if that’s what you want!


How will the process of matching tutors and tutees work?

Through the use of sophisticated computer algorithms incorporated into ASC_pair™, pairings are made based on factors such as subject, level, and learning style. Our systems ensure that pairings will always be done in a manner that leads to the most optimal combination of the overall pairing pool.


Are there any charges associated with using Ascent’s services?

No, there are not. Ascent is not a for-profit business as its primary objective is to reduce educational inequity, and as such, we will not charge our users for using our services.


For Tutors


Are there any requirements for becoming a tutor?

As we are in partnership with the National Youth Council, this means that we are able to recognise the hours you spend volunteering with us! (dependent on a school by school basis).


How can I withdraw from this programme?

We believe that the most important quality required is the ability to add value to your schoolmates’ learning. More information can be found in the tutor’s manual attached at the bottom of our website. That being said, a minimum level of academic criteria is required in order for the tutoring sessions to be able to create shared value. Depending on what school you are from, or what subject you are planning to teach, the grade requirements may vary from a B to an A.


What are some ways we can work with our tutee?

There are several ways you can work with your tutee, and below are just a few of them:

Example 1:

The tutor prepares a lesson plan and practice questions to complete during the session. The tutor also goes through the questions they prepared during the session, and the tutee’s personal questions can be brought up at any time of the week via WhatsApp.

Example 2:

The tutor does not give lessons, instead, they prepare a set of questions (or a past year paper) to attempt along with the tutee. Questions and solutions can be discussed and explored during the session and the tutee’s personal questions can be brought up any time of the week via WhatsApp.

Example 3:

The tutor does not receive personal questions outside of session time. The tutee comes to the session with their questions or doubts and clarifies with the tutor. If there are no questions that week, the session can be skipped. However, if the tutee wants the tutor to help give a recap of certain topics, they need to let their tutor know at least a few days in advance so as to allow for enough time to prepare.


Is this platform recognized by my school/MOE?

If your school is on our site and actively running, that means that we have already acquired the necessary permissions and recognition from your school, so not to worry!


Do I need to adhere to a certain structure?

Not to worry if you can’t answer every question. In such a scenario, we’d recommend you to request for some time to respond if unclear about the question posed, and conduct your own research/check with teachers in school.


How will the process of matching tutors and tutees work?

No, not at all. Feel free to do whatever is best for you and your tutee!


For Tutees


How will quality control be implemented?

After your first (trial) session, your school’s team will send you a feedback form in order to see whether any reassignments are necessary. After which, they will check in with you periodically to continue to ensure quality control for the duration of your session.


I’m not comfortable with my tutor. They do not tutor me effectively. Can I request a change?

Yes you can! Don’t be afraid to reach out to your school platform’s managing team and tell them about it. All of our tutors want to help you in the best way they can, and sometimes that means reassignment!


Can Ascent replace my private tuition/school consultations?

We would like to emphasise that this platform is generally meant as a complementary service to the help you can receive from your teachers at school. However, you are always welcomed to utilise this platform to receive academic help, and we hope you find it beneficial.


What happens after I’m assigned a tutor?

Together with your tutor, do discuss the timing, day, frequency and teaching style of your sessions. After the first session, it is compulsory for you to fill up a feedback form sent to your email. This will ensure an open communication channel for you to raise any concerns/difficulties, and let us know if your tutor is effective for you. All responses are kept strictly confidential, and will only be read by your school platform’s managing team.